Bushiri’s New Year Miracle Crossover At Bingu National Stadium Cancelled Due to Covid fears

The management of Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe has rejected Shepherd Bushiri’s request to use the soccer stadium for his New Year Miracle Crossover event. In a letter seen by Nyasapost, the managers of the stadium have stated the Covid-19 dangers that the event which is looking to attract a multitude of people from different countries may pose.

The managers also cited the fact that the stadium will be undergoing repairs in readiness of CAF inspections which are set to take place in January 2021.

“At the time of CAF inspection, management may not have enough time to restore the stadium to its normal status due to anticipated damages or losses to be repaired or recovered respectively as seen from past experiences,” reads part of the letter.

The South African government has formally filed an extradition request for Bushiri and his wife Mary who are on the run from South African Law after they jumped bail in their ongoing Fraud and Money Laundering case.

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