Atupele Muluzi unveils Frank Mwenifumbo as running mate

President of the United Democratic Front (UDF) Atupele Muluzi has picked veteran politician Frank Mwenifumbo as his running mate for the upcoming 21 May 2019 Presidential Elections.

In a move that has shocked many, the young Muluzi has opted to choose a candidate outside of his own party’s ranks which may bring discord from within as the election day approaches.

Mwenifumbo who comes from the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), was unveiled as Muluzi submitted his nomination papers to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) at COMESA Hall earlier this morning.

In a speech he gave to the audience during the event Muluzi said, “We will bring freedom where we will realize that agriculture is the hub of Malawi’s Economy. This day ushers in the rebirth… a new beginning of Malawi”.

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