124 Malawians deported from Zimbabwe

124 Malawians were on Saturday deported from Zimbabwe for travelling to that country without proper documentation. Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mwanza Border Immigration spokesperson Pasqually Zulu said the deportees are from different parts of Malawi with the majority of them coming from Mangochi.

Zulu said the deportees are among those who have been kept in custody in Zimbabwe for a period of three to eight months. “A privately owned bus company operating in that country, First Class Coaches, provided transport for all of them out of sympathy,” said Zulu.

Many Malawians have sought asylum outside of Malawi mainly due to harsh economic conditions in the home country. While some are legal migrants, many end up as illegal immigrants in South Africa, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It is yet to be seen how Donald Trumps election will affect the scores of undocumented Malawians living in America.

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